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A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature
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Marina S. Krutova, DSc in Philology, chief paleographer, The Russian State Library, Vozdvizhenka 3/5, 119019 Moscow, Russia

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Letters of 1869–1872 of the famous figure of the Bulgarian Renaissance Spiridon Nikolayevich Palauzov to the outstanding researcher and collector of manuscript books Aleksey Yegorovich Viktorov, stored in the Russian State Library’s manuscripts department, are published in full for the first time. The value of these epistolary documents for Russian and Slavic literature of the 19th century lies in the fact that they contain little-known information on the history of research, attribution and publication of handwritten monuments such as “The Life and Praise of Saint Philothei of Athens”, “The Commendation of Saint Euthymius of Tarnovo” by Gregory Tsamblak, the Service of Holy Venerable Theodosius of Tarnovo, and the writings of Saint Clement of Ohrid and Tsar Simeon I the Great, the Great Menaion Reader was compiled in the 1530s–1540s under the supervision of Metropolitan Macarius of Moscow, etc. An introductory article gives a brief description of the letters. The text of the epistolary documents is provided with historical, literary and real commentary.

  • Keywords: history of Russian and Slavic literature, figures of Bulgarian Renaissance of 19th century, Spiridon Nikolayevich Palauzov, Aleksey Yegorovich Viktorov.


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