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IWL RAS Publishing is an own publishing company of А.М. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In fact, this is one of the structural divisions of the Institute (http://en.imli.ru/).

А.М. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences is the world's largest humanitarian scientific center and one of the oldest research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The main directions of scientific activity: theory of literature; history of foreign literatures; folklore; the history of Russian literature from antiquity to the present day, including the literature of the Russian diaspora, the pubication of academic collected woгks of Russian writers and scientists; compilation of chronicles of life and work of writers and poets;  source study and aгchival work,  etc.

IWL RAS remains faithful to academic traditions and in the same time is open to innovative practices that contribute to improving the quality of scientific research and the publishing solutions.


IWL RAS Publishing Programme

Оur mission is to publish fundamental academic research оf the history and theory of world literature and folkloгe, textual criticism and source studies. IWL RAS sees the role in facilitating information exchange between leading Russian and foreign scientists on the most pressing issues of philological science.

The IWL RAS Publishing programme includes:

Journals: Open Access

Serial Editions: Open Access and Hybrid Open Access

Books: monographs, collective monographs, collections of articles (set) – Open Access and Hybrid Open Access

Since 2018 IWL RAS Publishing has been publishing books оn the website www.ed-imli.ru in two languages: Russian and English, and assigns DOIs to all publications. Since 2020 many books published bу IWL RAS have been accompanied bу the translation of all metadata into English (titles, abstracts, keywords, information about authors, content, etc.); а number of books contain references to literature sources in Latin letters. Since 2021 many monographs accompany, in addition to Abstract, Summary and References in Latin.

Books published before 2018 are posted on the website http://biblio.imli.ru/