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A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature
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Sergey R. Fedyakin, PhD in Philology, Associate Professor, Maxim Gorky Institute of Literature and Creative Writing, Tverskoy bd, 25, 123104 Moscow, Russia.


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Critical reviews of contemporaries about the work of Bunin have already been the subject of consideration by philologists. In this work for the first time attention is drawn not to the actual reviews and articles of the authors of the Russian diaspora on Bunin’s work, but to one of the features of these reviews. For the analysis authors were selected who acted not only in the genre of literary criticism, but who became famous for their prose, poetry, essay studies, literary history and cultural studies: G.V. Adamovich, P.M. Bitsilli, V.V. Weidle, G.V. Ivanov, K.V. Mochulsky, V.V. Nabokov, F.A. Stepun, V.F. Khodasevich. In Bunin’s work they found creative chastity, special optics, attentive to details and a sense of historical time, the basis of literary asceticism, when the author avoids everything superfluous, and a nostalgic sense of the world and the ability to express in words the very essence of the depicted object. Upon careful reading of these reviews, it is noticeable that the work of a modern classic has become a kind of mirror for his reviewers, since in it they find exactly those features that manifested themselves in their own searches and works.

  • Keywords: I.A. Bunin, prose, criticism, Russian literature, Russia abroad.


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