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Information about the author:

Victoria V. Nikultseva, PhD in Philology, Docent, Head of Department of Social, Humanitarian and General Legal Disciplines, Moscow University of Finance and Law MFUA, Vvedensky 1 a, 117342 Moscow, Russia.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


The article presents a linguopoetic analysis of the poems of Igor-Severyanin dedicated to the memory of O. Wilde, containing an assessment of the life and work of the English writer. Feeling like a double of an aesthete with a scandalous fame, young Igor-Severyanin follows the principles of dandyism and self-promotion, which is reflected in his early poetry. The article deals with an analysis of Igor-Severyanin’s poems “Hashish Neftis” (1913), “The Ballad V” (1916), “Wilde’s Aphorisms” (1918). The author of the article regards a composition, a system of images, a level of ideas and subjects via the analysis of the next language levels: lexico-semantic, phonetic, grammatical. Without any doubt from the point of view of stylistics a set of expressive devices used by the author in his writings is interesting for the researcher of poetic texts.

  • Keywords: Igor-Severyanin, Oscar Wilde, the philological analysis, language levels of the text, individual author’s style, expressive devices of the language.


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